28 December 2012


20 September 2012

So, the blog is dead, at least for the time being, because I don't have anything worth reading to say about Dominica.  This post is pretty much just so my family can see some cruise pics...

Our boat at the port in San Juan.

All of Old San Juan pretty much looks like this.

Magen's Bay in St. Thomas, supposedly one of National Geographic's top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

St. Thomas... and that's our ship in the distance.

Barbados... where we were on my birthday.  A tropical storm had just passed the night before so it was really stormy with big waves.  Usually it's a lot nicer.

Chris ordered this cake for me and they delivered it to the dining room after we finished eating dinner.  He calls me Turtle so he had them put that on my cake.  All the waitstaff plus our table of 5 others sang "Happy Birthday Turtle" in the super busy dining room and it was pretty embarrassing.

Us on my birthday... in case you forgot what we look like...

Me on the zipline in St. Lucia.  

Pulling away from St. Lucia... and a good view of the top deck of the boat.  Pools, buffets in the back, and a waterslide on the left that was a lot more fun than I thought it would be as an adult.  And the outdoor theater showing old concerts for some reason?

Beach at St. Kitts.  You can see in the background there is a lot of undeveloped land there.

Cute little church we drove by in St. Kitts (we did an island tour that day).

Downtown Philipsburg, St. Maarten.

Beach at St. Maarten.  This was our favorite island even though it was kind of cloudy and stormy the day we went there.  We both agreed it's the only one we would return to at this point since we're kind of sick of tropical island-ness.

There are the people we hung out with, mostly Ross students.  Somehow we didn't get a group picture until the last night and then we just got this bad one.  Matt, Jeff, me, Chris, Fusun, Matt.  

The towel animals were a lot more awesome than I had expected.  On other nights we also had a crab, a bunny, a cat, a platypus/duck/gorilla thing we weren't sure of, and a heart.

Atrium area of the ship and the cool elevators.

That's the gist of it, I took more pictures but didn't want all the uploading on this post to take me all day.  I should have gotten more pictures of the boat but I put it off until the last day, and I woke up with a cold so I didn't really feel up to it.  It was really nice though.